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                        Our mission

- Giving what belongs from our abilities to create wonderful taste
  of hopes only by flowers

- Stimulating human spirit and creation, fantasy and attraction to
   artful bouquet, delicate decoration or unique element of our creation.

- Forcing to stop a look to every miracle of nature; the thrilling heart
   accumulates positive emotions and is open for heartiness,
   tenderness and beautiful relation.

- Improving the mood, relieving sadness, sorrow and diseases,
   bringing joy of life and efficiency.

- Helping express the feelings when its impossible by words.

- Encouraging meditating on greatness of human spirit,
   natural attraction to beauty and goodness.

- Melt an ice in hearts, eyes and hands
   with flowers,
   by flowers,
   in flowers

2005 L. Ribokienės firma "Pas Lidiją"
Sprendimas Aiva Sistema